Son of tea estate workers back to village to serve as doctor.

Updated: Jan 8

Krishnan, who born in Nelakottai of Bandhalur taluk of Nilgiris district, became not only the Doctor but also the first graduate from the area. Touristy Nilgiris is a place that people want to visit but not stay. For some, however, Nilgiris is home, as it is for Krishnan. His father, Subramani, has studied up to third standard and is a worker at Rockwood Estate tea plantation. His mother, Mahalakshmi, hasn’t studied in school and works at the same tea plantation. Krishnan has a sister and a brother.

Located some 60km from the town are a row of houses amidst the tea plantation there. Krishnan’s family of five used to live in one such house. Subramani was particular that his children should study, not toil in tea plantations when they grow up.

Krishnan went to government school at Thevar Solai some 10 km away from his home. The bus would leave at 7:30am a