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Success of every Alumni Association is only possible by volunteers who can help to coordinate and communicate with fellow alumni to give social and business connections that enrich lives. Be an active alumnus by volunteering your time and knowledge to help propelling the Agaram Alumni Association and make lifelong connections. Here are some different ways how you can volunteer with us.

Volunteer with an Alumni Network

There are nearly 2000 of our Alumni present in almost every region across the Tamil Nadu and under many identities. Connect with our Alumni network and make changes.

Volunteer to help with an Alumni Event

The Alumni Association holds many event. Volunteer opportunities include assist in securing speakers and help during the events.  We would also love for you to share your skills and knowledge in some of our upcoming events.

Share Your Alumni Experience

Share your alumni story will help to our alumni and students in their personal, collegiate or professional lives. Also use your experience to help Agaram Alumni Association to next level.


Donating Money

By donating to the Agaram Alumni Association, you're making an immediate impact to alumni and students. Donor support enables resources that accelerate careers, create local connection, support alumni entrepreneurs, spark learning and more. A gift of any size is appreciated and counts toward your lifetime giving to the Agaram alumni.

Please click donate us button If you would like to donate now. If you have any questions, please email us to


We’re grateful for the generosity of our donors and Volunteers.

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