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Agaram Foundation is an NGO aims to bring a significant positive change in the socio-economic status of the rural society by offering quality education to the deserving individual. Agaram is founded by R.S. Suriya who strongly believes that Education is the key to brighten one’s life and the society.

The main objective of Agaram are,

  • Strive to bridge the gap between deserving candidates and quality education

  • Build a new generation of responsible youth with education, values, commitment and dedication to society

To accomplish their vision, Agaram is doing many programs/projects which benefits the deserving students and the society with the help of Volunteers and Donors. Few projects are Vidhai, Thai, Namadhu Gramam, Namathu Palli and more.

Who are we?


We are the alumni from Agaram projects like Vidhai, Thai etc. Vidhai is a program started in 2010 to support deserving students for their college education with the support from a group of donors and volunteers. It started with 160 students in 2010 till today (2020), about 1950+ students graduated through Agaram Foundation’s support.

   Need of Alumni        Association

We, Agaram Alumni are seeded with a promise “Naangal Katrathaiyum Petrathaiyum Elorkum Pagirthu Alipom” and nurtured by Agaram Mentors and seniors who symbolize the promise.

Agaram Alumni are working in different sectors like Medicine, IT, Education, Law, Police, NGO and Public Service, etc., across the India and in abroad. We, alumni started to contribute to the Society and Agaram in different ways. Why can’t we channelize this? Yes, this diversity is our strength. With this strength and the thought to serve, we can build a good and healthy society around us. All we need is a platform to unite this strength and work together to support our society, Agaram and Alumni and their families in whatever the way we can.

Let’s join hands, to support each other, to grow together and to develop our society.

All Hands In

What we do?


Agaram Alumni Association brings all the former students of Agaram foundation under one forum. It provides a path to exchange knowledge, talents, experience, guidance, advice/Consultant etc., among its members in various forms on several areas.

It supports juniors to get advice/guidance on various technologies, workshops, Job opportunities from the alumni network. Several Welfare programs like Medical Camp, events etc., will be delivered for the society, Agaram students and alumni and also render financial aid to deserving Alumni in case of extreme compassionate circumstances.

Yet more to achieve with all our Alumni Support.

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